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I am eager to help you make the changes that you want in your life. I also realize that in order for you to benefit fully from the training, it is important that you are ready and prepared. I will assist you with this. However, there are also steps that you can take to learn more about the Lightning Process, and whether it is something you believe you will get value from.

These are steps that we recommend if you are interested in finding out if doing the Lightning Process™ training is appropriate for you:

1.  Get familiar with the experiences of other participants. There are reports and links at this site, and you can also find more information at the main Lightning Process website. www.lightningprocess.com  and my personal story and blog at www.beritfrivold.com   

2.  Read the the book: “An Introduction to The Lightning Process”. This will help you make your decision about whether you think the Lightning Process™ is something you will benefit from at this point in your life. It is also an important part of preparing yourself for getting maximum benefit from the training. The book can be ordered on-line from Amazon
The book is also available in an the downloadable ‘Kindle’ E-book format.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a free Kindle reader for your PC or Mac by clicking:

                        Kindle for Mac

                        Kindle for PC

                        Here is the link to buy and download the:  e-book

         I also have some books for loan, and I may send you a copy to read, if one is available at the time of your inquiry.

3.  Our experience suggests you should only move on to sending in your application form if you agree with these statements: 

            A.    I understand that the Lightning Process is a training program and not a therapy.

                    The Process or the trainer will not “fix” me, but will teach me the strategies that has

                    proved so helpful for a lot of other people.

                    - Agree/Disagree

            B.    I understand that learning the Lightning Process therefore does not guarantee my    

                    success. This is because it is a training program. I will be taught the tools, but it will be    

                    up to me to apply them to my life. The trainer cannot predict whether I will apply these

                    tools to my life or not.

                    - Agree/Disagree

            C.    I accept full responsibility for the effects of applying or not applying this training

                    program to my life.

                    - Agree/Disagree

            D.    I recognize that the mind and the body can powerfully influence each other.

                    - Agree/Disagree

            E.    I am prepared to look at and challenge my beliefs about my condition/illness, my health

                   and myself.

                    - Agree/Disagree

            F.    I am totally prepared to do the sometimes challenging work of starting to think very   

                   differently when that is required in order to get myself back on track.

                    - Agree/Disagree

4.  I consider that you may not be ready yet to take the training if:

            A.   You find yourself cynical about the process.

                   Having said that, I do certainly expect people to be a bit unsure as to whether they will

                   get the same results as the cases reported on this website and in the media.  That

                   seems entirely reasonable based on most people’s experiences of lack of success with

                   other approaches.

                   There is, however, a huge difference between:

               a.     Being uncertain of the outcome of the process while at the same time deciding to

                           put ‘your all’ into the training process to make sure you get the full value from it.




                    b.    Just showing up to prove that it won’t work for you, or  ‘just seeing how it goes’.

An analytical and cynical mind-set may be very appropriate in certain settings like the

practice of law and science, but to gain the benefit of this training you have to - at

some point - be willing to apply all your energy to learning the ‘process’, and not just

be in a ‘skeptical observer mode’.  We find that a cynical mindset doesn’t necessarily

prevent you from benefiting from the process, but it it will likely take you much longer

to get the changes you want, as you will be spending your effort analyzing the

program rather than actually doing the ‘process’.

            B.    If you would just like to ‘give it a go’ and ‘see what happens’.

                    If you would just like to ‘give it a go’ and ‘see what happens. The success of the

                    Lightning Process is entirely dependent on YOU making changes  to the way YOU

                    think.  We therefore find that the level of commitment you have to making sure you get

                    the benefits of the process is the most important factor in making a rapid and lasting

                    recovery.  Remember, this is not a treatment, it’s training, and the tools of the process

                    are only powerful when they are used as taught.

If you after answering the above questions and statements feel ready to proceed,you may proceed with the application process.

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Am I ready for the Lightning Process®?