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Does the Lightning Process® view Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) as a real physical disease, or a psychological disorder?  

Answer:   We believe CFS/ME it is a physical illness, most often triggered by an infection.  Research has demonstrated changes in the immune system and the patients physical health is affected - often to a disabling degree.  There is currently no consensus as to the nature of the offending infectious agent, and no agreement on (other than symptomatic) medical therapy.
Current ‘cure’ rates for CFS/ME) on conventional therapy are most discouraging.  The reason you have come upon this web site is likely the fact that you already have tried conventional therapy.

The Lightning Process is based on the observation that the immune system and ones physical health can be powerfully influenced by the mind and certain physical movements.  Each of us possess untapped reserves that can be activated and contribute to physical healing.  Retraining the brain to take on such challenges is based a concept known as ‘neuroplasticity’ .  It is possible to re-train the brain, and make use of it’s amazing power to improve physical health, clear ‘brain fog’ and restore energy.  The Lightning Process™  is applied cutting edge psycho-neuro-immunology. 

Who can take the training?

Anybody can take the training as long as they are committed to putting the Process to work for them. This is why we put such emphasis on personal readiness. The Lightning Process is not difficult to learn, and we have had lot’s of different people go through the program. From very young children to octogenarians, all kinds of educational backgrounds (from not having finished grade-school to physicians, phycologists, lawyers and scientist, and people with all kinds of fitness levels. We have had people who were very physically ill go through the program, and also people who did not have any physical health issues, but who wanted to use the Process to improve their lives in other areas. 

The Lightning Process is an investment in both time and money, and we think it is important that you are ready to make the most of your investment and effort. The program has had amazing results for a lot of people, but it is totally dependent on the participant putting the techniques to use, and making the tools work for them. If you want the same kind of results that most of our clients report, you have to use the Process the way you are thought, and any time you need to. If you don’t use the Process, you will have attended a fascinating three days of lectures, but you are not likely to get much change.

Is ‘Hypnosis’ part of the training?

One of the methods used in the program is termed “Self Hypnosis”.  This is by no means “Stage hypnosis” or the kind where you allow some-one else to take control of your mind, but rather the kind that allows you to consciously influence your subconscious responses to a variety of external and internal stimuli. Thus allowing you to be more powerful in your own life.

What happens on the 3 days of training?

The Lightning Process training occurs over three consecutive days, and is taught in a small group workshop or in one–to-one sessions. It teaches basic neuroanatomy, physiology and neuro-psychology, and a practical way of influencing conscious and unconscious patterns in order to protect the body from stress and other physiological reactions. The Lightning Process is a training, not a cure or a therapy, and your success will depend on you taking an active part and putting what you learn to good use in your life. 

The technique is easy to learn, you can use it anywhere, and applying it only takes a few minutes.

On Day 1 you will learn applied basic neurophysiology and learn how to use The Lighting Process, allowing you to experience it’s potential in your life.
On Day 2 you will learn the more advanced steps of The Lightning Process, get practice applying it, both under your practitioner’s guidance and on your own. You will learn how to access powerful states, and how to be more in charge of your brain and body.
Day 3 continues this learning, with additional techniques to help you be the most powerful you can be as you prepare for your future, and for using The Lightning Process™ as you transition back into your everyday life.

After the training you will have to use the process whenever you need to, until the changes you want become ‘automatic’ and stable.

Most people find that when they have resolved the original issues or symptoms, they continue making The Lightning Process™ work for them in other areas of their lives, as a toolbox that can be applied to many different life challenges and help you be the best ‘version of yourself’ possible.

How is The Lightning Process different from all the other things I have tried in order to improve my life and health?

Most of the clients we see have been on a pretty impressive journey of different approaches in order to resolve or improve their issues. Some very common ones are nutrition, homeopathy, self help books and classes, ‘pacing’, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), counseling,  exercise therapy, meditation, acupuncture as well as more traditional medical approaches. There are similarities between the Lightning Process™ and some of these approaches, yet The Lightning Process is unique in how it combines elements which include NLP, osteopathy, CBT and life coaching.  I myself, and many of my clients had tried many of the above approaches with llimited results before we were able to resolve our issues long term by applying The Lightning Process.

Somewhat unique to the Lightning Process is the fact that we aim to make you independent of costly long-term support.  Our aim is to teach you a powerful ‘tool’ that you can use to regain control of your own life.  The only fee you will be asked to pay is the all-inclusive fee which also gives you a year of follow-up coaching to provide the support you might need.

The method certainly has it’s limitations, however, and is not a panacea for every ailment.  The purpose of the application and pre-training coaching process is to determine if the Lightning Process™ is right for you, and right at this time in your life. Remember, this is not a cure or a therapy, but training.  The results are totally dependent on your motivation to practice and apply what you learn.  If you don’t apply the Lightning Process™, you will be limited to have experienced 3 interesting and informative sessions.

Is there published research available on the effectiveness  of  the Lightning Process?

Phil Parker and the Lighting Process are committed to being subjected to scientific scrutiny.   Data have been collected by the organization and practitioners, but this kind of data does not meet scientific standards for objectivity. Randomized, controlled trials conducted by independent research organizations are needed. Such studies are resource-intensive and very costly to perform. They must have independent funding to be considered unbiased. As of January, 2014, one such pilot trial has just been completed in England (SMILE), and a paper is currently being prepared for publication.  Other studies are in various stages of planning.  

Fee Schedule:

US $ 1,500 for Training and 1 year of Follow-up.

The Fee Includes:

  Pre-training Screening and coaching.
      - determining if this is right for you - preparing you for the program - 
  Three days of intensive training and study materials
  A follow-up CD by Phil Parker - for review and inspiration
  5 follow-up 1 hr coaching sessions by telephone, Skype, Face-Time (or e-mail)
the schedule for follow-up is intended to answer questions and give guidance and motivation following the training program and includes coaching after 1 wk, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year.
you would also have the option of receiving additional coaching if a special need should arise.
the goal is to make the client independent of external support, but we also realize that new situations can develop along the way, and that access to support may be very helpful.

The fee is due a minimum of 7 days prior to the training and can be paid by personal check, credit-card/PayPal.