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The Lightning Process®

The Lightning Process® is a training program developed by Phil Parker in London, England. His background in Osteopathy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) set the stage for his interest and insights into the process of translating current knowledge of Psychoneuroimmunology and  Neuroplasticity into a practical training program for individual clients. The training program is designed to help individuals afflicted with a spectrum of disorders ‘re-program’ their sub-conscious responses to a variety of stimuli that have been know to disable their lives.

The Lightning Process is a training program that has evolved after several years of refinement.  The program helps you take stock of the resources you already have and gives you tools to access them to influence the direction of your life, your health, happiness and wellbeing. The Lightning Process is built on the belief that these aspects interact and need to be seen as a whole.

Results have been remarkable and have received recognition in Europe and Australia on Radio, TV and the printed media. The medical community have also taken notice, and controlled studies to objectively document the long term results are currently being conducted.

I am able to offer the Lighting Process® in the USA.  I am based in Southern California, and may be available for groups in other parts of the US as the need develops.

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