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Several thousand participants have now completed the Lightning Process® training.

Some have been willing to share their remarkable stories of recovery with the public.

Below I have links to stories, including some of my former clients, as well as the story of Heather Thomas - who was my Lightning Process instructor in July of 2008 in Oslo, Norway.

Heather Thomas, my Lightning Process Instructorhttp://www.definitivechange.co.uk/about-heather.php

News Stories in England:

“Saved from a Living Death”

“I could not let ME waltz off with my life”

A Christmas miracle for Mary King.pdf

“Yes, the Lightning Process can work - I thank God for it”
- a mother reports on her daughter’s recovery (4/8/2010) -

Nurse Jane Flower was bedridden for a year with ME, she was convinced that she would never get better.  Here is her story:                            To download click: Jane's Recovery.pdf

Reports from my clients:Testimonials.htmlTestimonials.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0