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“Fourteen years ago, in 1996, I collapsed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following a respiratory flu. I was horribly ill, mostly bed-ridden for the first couple of years. My condition slowly improved over the next five years. Then, I had a serious and in some ways worse relapse in 2003. Again, my condition slowly improved, but I remained very limited in my activities, unable to walk even around the house at a normal pace without inducing intense fatigue the following day, nor could I lift anything even slightly heavy. I really could not do anything even remotely aerobic.  I was easily and deeply fatigued by ordinary stressors, and I was very sensitive to the sun and had to wear a hat at all times in the sun or I would suffer from inflammation and terrible headaches.  I had heard about the Lightning Process from my husband’s niece several years ago, and I had seen how well she was doing as a result of that training, but because she was so much younger than I, (she is now in her late 20’s and I’m in my middle 50’s) and because she did the Lightning Process a couple of years after she became ill and I had been ill for so long, I convinced myself that whatever it was that had helped her probably wouldn’t help me. Then, last summer I took another dive in terms of the illness. During that period my husband and I visited his family and I spent sometime around my healthy happy athletic niece. I started looking closely at the Lightening Process website, which led me to Berit Frivold, the Lightning Process trainer in the United States. I contacted her and from the start she was terrific. Respectful and clear in instructing me in how to proceed and setting up a date to attend a workshop as soon as possible in Loma Linda, California, where she is based. Berit was kind, thoughtful, encouraging and also firm in her instructions. The entire workshop was run efficiently at the same time that every effort was made to ensure the comfort and well-being of participants. Berit has continued to be supportive during the past five weeks since the workshop, as well. Here is the good news. On the last day, I left the workshop walking at a normal pace and carrying my heavy bag without any help and I felt fine the next day and the next, and so on. I will never ever forget the way I felt walking through the airport with a swing in my step to meet my husband. Such a liberation! This alone was cause for great joy. Then, a week later, I hiked up a steep trail in the mountains to an aspen grove I had not been able to walk to in eight years and I did so at a normal pace. The following weekend, I hiked two and half miles up a very steep trail to a lake (plus the two and half miles back down) — it was a hike I had been unable to do in fourteen years! Once I accomplished those two feats, I took on the sun and slowly over a period of about two weeks, I built up my system to where I am no longer wearing my hat. This is the real proof to me that the Lightening Process works. I am now walking about a mile in the sun everyday and at a normal pace, and sometimes I walk two miles.  All of this is tremendously exciting to me and to my husband and the friends who watched me suffer for so long.   When I was first considering trying the Lighting Process,  I found the fee for the workshop to be prohibitive. Now,  experiencing the results, the cost of the workshop seems like mere pennies. Suddenly, so much is possible.  Doing the Lightning Process is not easy, it requires tremendous commitment, but it works. Thank you Phil Parker. Thank you Berit!

– S.E. Morris,  NM

In October 2011 I traveled to California to learn the Lightning Process with Berit Frivold.

At that point I'd had CFS for about 12 years and  I had tried almost every treatment out there - from Antibiotics to Zen.  Although much of what I did had helped, I was still sick, I was still suffering, and my life was still disintegrating. To say that I felt desperate is an understatement.  Berit and Lightning Process seemed like the last hope.

Three days later at the end of the training I was transformed. I was able to function at a level that was inconceivable just a week before. I returned to New York and started to build my life again. And I'm still building.

Berit is kind and compassionate, supportive and empowering, resourceful and reasonable. She taught me the process and then supported me for months as I learned to integrate it into my day-to-day life. When I forget to do the process, what to do, or how to do it, she's there with patience and understanding, reminders, and encouragement. Berit and the Lightning Process have given me life back. I am grateful beyond measure.          

                                                                                                           Simone,  New York, NY

The Lightning Process has become an invaluable part of my daily life now, thanks to Berit!

After a highly stressful time in my life, I found myself barely able to get out of bed most days due to fatigue. The simplest tasks were exhausting. Life basically ground to a halt and I couldn't see a way out. When the doctor diagnosed me with CFS and said there was no treatment available, I eventually found a naturopathic doctor that was able to help me make significant improvements. But even several years of treatment later I remained heavily affected by fatigue and the emotional pit that accompanies feeling so limited by it.

When I heard about the LP through a friend, I read up on it, got in touch with Berit with my questions, and signed up for a training with her.

Using the LP, Berit explained the scientifically-proven power of the mind-body connection and how to use it to influence my thoughts, emotions, and physical health. The LP gave me tools to spot the emotional and mental pitfalls I was creating for myself that were sabotaging my recovery, to interrupt them, and to consciously redirect myself toward a better outcome.

Now I use the LP every day, sometimes many times a day, as an automatic part of life. My physical health and energy have made a big leap forward since then and continue to improve. I have a new awareness of my ability to direct my own emotions and thoughts instead of letting them dominate me. As a result, I feel calmer, healthier, more energetic, and more capable of creating a life I love.

Berit's compassionate and skilled mentoring in the LP continues to have a cascading affect nearly a year later on my family, my business, and my church, as I model and share these simple yet powerful principles for creating rapid change.

Thank you, Berit!                                                                                        Ian, Northern California

When I signed up to do the Lightning Process training with Berit, I really wasn't sure exactly what to expect.  I had heard several first-hand stories from long-time sufferers of CFS/ME who had reclaimed their lives in remarkable ways after doing the Lightning Process and, even though I did not have this issue, I was eager to find ways to become more confident and to live my life more expansively.  I had an intuitive feeling that the training would be very worth my while -- and I wasn't disappointed!   What I learned during the three days I spent with Berit has been life-changing for me, and I suspect that I will forever divide life into pre- and post-Lightning Process because the changes have been, and continue to be, so profound.  Not only did Berit help me understand that I COULD influence my life in positive ways I hadn't previously imagined, but she also showed me HOW to do that, consistently and reliably, which is extraordinarily empowering knowledge to have.  Berit was able to demonstrate very clearly why the Lightning Process is so effective, by explaining the science of neuroplasticity upon which it is based, and I found this to be a compelling and inspiring foundation upon which to build the rest of the training.  As a trainer and coach, Berit is very skilled, deeply compassionate and enthusiastically dedicated to her work; and I'm grateful to her commitment to follow-up with me to make sure that I was using the Process correctly so that I could benefit as much as possible from all that I learned.  More than a year after taking the training, I continue to be amazed at how much easier, richer and more joyful my life has become with these transformational tools.  I can't help but imagine how the world could be transformed if everyone had access to this powerful, life-changing teaching.


Portland, OR

The Lightning Process of the End of Chronic Fatigue

At the age of 45, having endured the stress of working two intense real estate marketing businesses for two years, and finally deciding to cut it back to just one, I took a vacation to the British Isles with my wife as a way of marking the transition. I celebrated being in my ancestral Ireland by having a cold glass of Guiness Stout in a small country hotel. However I noticed that even though I enjoyed the taste of it, the alcohol felt like poison in my body and I didn’t finish it. That was strange. Returning to the US, I felt like I had jet lag for a long time, for weeks, until I suspected that something else was wrong.

This was the beginning of enduring almost ten years of chronic fatigue, during which time I suffered a daily feeling of being drained of energy, weak and physically depressed, and often brain fog all day long. Very difficult for a high achiever such as myself. I managed to basically function, but my leisure time was usually confined to resting to recover my energy, and also I would have regular bouts of severe fatigue where I could not get out of bed for a whole day, sometimes more. It was quite miserable. The quality of my life from a health perspective, to put it plainly, sucked. I tried countless remedies both allopathic and alternative, spending many thousands of dollars in the process. You name it, I probably did it. My health improved on the margins, but the fatigue continued. “Was this going to be the rest of my life?” This very depressing question arose. I didn’t even want to ask it, let alone answer it.

Then, one day, a new friend and business contact, mentioned a friend of hers that had been able to get over chronic fatigue after 25 years. I spoke to her friend, and she told me about the Lightning Process. I researched it on the internet and read the book by the founder, Phil Parker, and attended a 3-day workshop with Berit Frivold in Southern California, the only instructor in the whole of the US.

Taking this workshop and learning to do the Lightning Process, was like finding a path into the light out of the dark frustration that was my fatigue. I came to see that I was stuck in a pattern, essentially created out of my frustration and struggle, and even despair, with my negative health condition. However, this struggle with the condition was only reinforcing it and it was not allowing the true healing that would take me into another condition of health. This was a humbling realization, but the miracle of it, was that if it was my own creation, I could also solve it. But it still took work. This pattern of fatigue was a neurological condition that I had been doing for almost ten years and had a momentum to it. I would have weekly video calls with Berit whilst doing the process several times daily. She would gently encourage me to stick with it, even if I felt that it wasn’t immediately producing the relief I was hoping for, and others had quickly obtained, showing me how it was working in small ways, and encouraging me into an orientation that was positive. Her guidance was essential.

One day, after about four weeks of frequent daily practice, it was like I suddenly woke up in a different and new room than I had gone to sleep in the night before, and which I had been living in for years. It was a room without fatigue, free of that whole pattern, a bright and fresh new room that enabled me to function and live without that constant drain of weakness and dullness that had been with me for far too long. Now the process had broken through to the other side. Since that time, now some four months later, I have continued to be largely free of the fatigue sensation that dogged me for so long. It is even flabbergasting to me that such a straightforward process would make such a difference, after all the other remedies I attempted. I have done the Lightning Process exercise just a few times since, when I have felt the fatigue sensation return, but it has been only for a short period and the process would quickly reassert itself. I was just not going back there, to that dark struggle. No way. There is a different way to live.

Now, the physical condition that underlay the fatigue is still there to be dealt with. I do get tired when I exert myself, and I have to be careful not to push myself so hard, and I continue to be an insomniac, but that is different from the sensation of the chronic fatigue. The realization is that the world is psycho-physical, and we participate in it that way, mind and body coinciding in producing good health. They are a continuum. I am not a victim of my health, but I am a conscious participant that must take responsibility for balance and purification in my life in all things, both mind and body. This is the secret of good health.

The conventional approach to health is to go to some authority who will give you something to take, or do something to you, whilst charging you handsomely for it, all the time not making any real expectation or demand on you to take responsibility for the maintenance of your own health. This is limited and as far as addressing my chronic fatigue, completely ineffective.

The Lightning Process is intriguingly simple, but it has been effective in my case and because it has made a huge difference in my life for the better, I am more grateful than I can say to Berit, Phil Parker, and my friends who made me aware of it.

Timothy T.

Northern California

Stories from Some of My Clients: