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What is it for

The Lighting Process is a Life Enhancing program in the best sense of the term.

The program is best known for it’s dramatic effect on Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME), but also have been used with great success in other conditions including

  1. - Fibromyalgia (including the pain-syndrome and ‘fibro-fog’)

  2. - Chronic Pain Syndromes (dramatically reducing the need for drug therapy)

  3. - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (normalizing digestive function)

  4. - Chemical Sensitivities (allowing you to ‘normalize’ your life again)

  5. - Milder forms of depression

  6. - Phobias/Anxiety/Stress

  7. - Enhancing quality of life in patient with chronic and debilitating illness (MS,  

   Cancer etc.)

You may ask: “How can one program be used in so many different conditions?”

-  The program is based on the fact that each one of us possess significant unused reserves, and that it is possible to re-train the way our mind and body react to physical and mental stimuli and health challenges. The program helps you take stock of the resources you already have and gives you tools to access them to influence the direction of your life, your health, happiness and wellbeing. The Lightning Process is built on the belief that these aspects interact and need to be seen as a whole.

What can you use the Lightning Process® for?